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Snippets from letters:

The cats were so happy when we came home yesterday, which makes it so much easier for us to go away. (Pat and Mike)


Many, many thanks for your care and kindness. (Bobbie)


Many thanks indeed for caring for the cats and plants; they certainly flourish under your touch. (Mick and Jackie)


Matthew and I have been very grateful for your service. I think you have helped Molly and Poppet out of their shells, thanks to you taking time to bond with them. When our friends visit, instead of hiding away upstairs the cats come to inspect everyone and stay for a while. (Celia)


I just wanted to say a very big thank you for looking after our cats so well. They seemed so content when we arrived home. The update/progress note was much appreciated - It made me smile!  It’s nice to know you care. (Claire and Dan)


The cats obviously remembered you and were relaxed and happy. Thanks once again for your wonderful service. (Katherine)


Thanks for doing the watering for me. I must say my little garden looks very healthy at the moment. Knowing how well you look after it for me while I’m away is certainly a big relief to me. (Denis)


Thanks for looking after Sadie for me. I will certainly recommend you for your care. (Paula)


It has been very reassuring to know that Toby has been looked after so well on his walks over the months -  in all weathers too! (Pip)


Thank you so much for being so flexible and accommodating. (Liam)


You must have the magic touch - my plants all looked so flourishing on my return!  (Elizabeth P)


Thanks Barbara  - what would we do without you? (Sue M)


Thanks for all your care and concern for Arabel.  For getting her to take her tablets, which is never easy, and buying the extra food. You provide an excellent service! (Patricia)

Testimonials and snippets from letters:

"I have been able to call on Barbara over the past 10 years – she has been available without fail and always with enthusiasm whenever I have asked for her support. Barbara has got to know all my pets and I’m sure has loved them all as individuals too. Barbara has provided the peace of mind for all my pets and indeed my house whenever I am away, I entirely trust her to do the right thing if anything were to happen. I wouldn’t choose anyone else and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others."



"Our elderly cats are much loved members of the family. For over six years now, Barbara has gone an extra mile to look after them and has been able to give an extra level of care, one of them having diabetes and requiring two injections a day. When we go away we have peace of mind our cats are being looked after as well as we would look after them ourselves. Don't know what we do without her! Thanks Barbara."

Mrs. Rebecca Walker


"Absent Friends have been looking after us all for more than twelve years - for which we are hugely grateful! During that time we have expanded our family from one elderly cat to - at its maximum - 2 kittens, 4 chickens, 1 hamster and lots of fish...Barbara and Chris have taken this completely in their stride and never seem fazed by any new developments.  On the contrary, as we know from the feedback after every absence, they really understand and appreciate each of our animals as individuals.  They know their characteristics, their needs, and truly seem to care for each of them.

Absent Friends provide true peace of mind.  They look after our pets, our home, the plants, and much more than that - without Absent Friends I don't think we would have felt confident in expanding our "family" to the extent that we have done.  They have given us the opportunity to love and enjoy all our wonderful animals without having to worry about also enjoying our holidays! "


Nick & Jo


"I have been a customer of Absent Friends since 1998 and have always been extremely happy with the intimate and caring service provided by Barbara and her family.  Indeed, I have never for a moment considered any alternative means of care for our precious cat when my husband and I are away.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for a couple of nights away or a three week holiday, we can go with peace of mind and a guarantee that she will be well looked after and provided with the affection that she craves in between her long sleeps!   It’s such a relief to know that Georgie can remain in her own comfortable and familiar environment and receive personal care, rather than undergoing the stress that staying in a cattery would no doubt cause her.  Because Absent Friends is a family run business (with the help of lovely Jean) we always know who is coming into our home and are totally at ease with this.  Indeed, far from just being there to look after Georgie, it’s a real bonus to know that someone is coming into the house every day while we are away.  In addition, Barbara always waters our plants and feeds the birds and that’s just a few things amongst a number of small favours she has done for us while we’ve been away.  Absent Friends provides an efficient , friendly and value for money service which I cannot praise highly enough – I love my cat and want the best for her and that’s what she gets even when we’re not here!"

Diane Oates


"My cats are my family and I miss them when I go away on holiday. It's therefore important that they are well looked after when I'm away from home. I've therefore used Absent Friends for over 15 years. Barbara and her husband, Chris have provided excellent care going the extra mile when necessary, taking poorly cats to the vets as well as looking after the house, feeding the birds and watering my plants. My home and my cats have therefore been cared for while I've been away. What more could I ask?"

Cathy Johnson

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